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For over 25 years, Stirling has been family owned and operated and from the beginning, its syrups have received multiple gold-medal awards for taste, quality and deliciousness. Today, Stirling’s product lineup consists of syrups, sauces, frappe mixes, shakable toppings and tea concentrates. Each category of products are designed to complement each other. Each Stirling flavor delivers a strong complex taste in every sip. Try adding French Vanilla syrup to a cappuccino frappe or peanut butter syrup to a mocha; the combinations are endless and unique flavor profiles inevitable.

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    At Stirling Flavors, we guarantee every product we offer. We know you have a choice of manufacturers offering you wonderful products. At Stirling, we offer more than just great products. Our customer service will WOW you with service, attention and complete transparency. When you buy the best, you expect the best. Stirling delivers the best products and the best customer service. Please email us with any questions, concerns or compliments!

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      Stirling Flavors is Growing and we need distributors. Contact us today If you are interested in distributing Stirling products, or if you would like to Find a Distributor in your area.

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          At Stirling Flavors, our passion is creating fabulous flavors and our customers and partners challenge us to make better, bolder and more flavorful product.These are some of our favorite things you’ve said about Stirling!