Superb Flavor
The secret to Stirling Flavors’ true, rich taste and aroma is the cool-blending of up to five different sugars with pure fruit juice concentrates and the finest flavor ingredients available. Excess heat, such as boiling or flash pasteurization, is most commonly used in the manufacturing process. The intense heat can greatly distort the flavor and aroma of the finished flavor. Cool blending means the truer, more intense and balanced flavor of Stirling’s syrup holds up when used in hot beverages, Italian sodas, cocktails and other iced beverages. They are also superbly suited for cooking.

High Concentration
Stirling Flavors are rich and concentrated, a result of Stirling’s 64+ BRIX measurement (solid contents suspended in a water base), making it one of the most concentrated flavoring syrups on the market, saving you money on every pour. Only the highest quality ingredients and a complex blend of up to five natural sugars (or Sugar-Free Sweetensers) are used in the formulation of Stirling Syrups, so a smaller average serving is required.

Less Sweetness
To ensure that our flavors do not overwhelm any recipe, Stirling Flavors do not deliver “sticky-sweet” flavor as do most standard-grade syrup brands. Why create a delicious latte with the highest quality coffee, brewed to perfection, only to compromise its taste with a sweet, watered-down syrup? Why not complement the beverage with Stirling syrups instead?

Sturdy, Lightweight Packaging
Stirling Syrups deliver all of the above qualities in a high-density, pharmaceutical-grade plastic bottle that has the elegant look of glass but saves shipping weight and breakage while protecting the contents.